Looping GLP/Reth/VLP/HLP/CAP

Maximize Your Returns by Looping GLP/Reth on Twister Finance

Looping allows you to leverage up your returns and gain more capital efficiency on your assets. With Twister Finance, you can enhance your capital efficiency by leveraging up your returns from real yields from platforms such as GMX, Rocketpool, Vela, HMX and CAP finance

Unlocking the Looping Process:

  1. Deposit your idle assets in Twister Finance, the most efficient assets would be either Reth (https://app.uniswap.org), GLP (https://app.gmx.io), VLP (https://app.vela.exchange/staking),HLP (https://hmx.org/arbitrum/liquidity) and CAP (https://app.uniswap.org/swap).

  2. Borrow an asset, either a stable if your long crypto or Eth if you're short.

  3. Repeat until you meet your desired risk tolerance.

Note: to be fairly safe keep your LTV (Loan to value) below 60%

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