The Twister Finance protocol is governed and owned by $TWST token holders. Rewards and incentives from the protocol are paid in $TWST token. As the protocol evolves, there will be proposals to add additional benefits for $TWST token holders.

You can obtain $TWST by using the Twister Finance protocol, and the total supply is 10m tokens. $TWST is inherently a utility token that provides users with a right to stake for protocol rewards, participate in governance, and join our community.

Apart from its functionality, $TWST can also be staked to generate protocol revenue and secure depositors against losses. Fees from liquidations accrue to staked token holders, and tokens locked for a longer term receive higher APYs (Annual Percentage Yield) in return.

In summary, the $TWST token is a valuable utility token that provides additional benefits to users as the protocol evolves. It can be obtained by using the protocol and can be staked to generate revenue, secure deposits, and participate in governance. Additionally, fees from liquidations are distributed to staked token holders, with higher APYs given to tokens that are locked for longer terms.

After initial launch the $TWST will be available to purchase on Major Dexs on Arbitrum.

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