As Twister Finance grows, the protocol will undergo progressive decentralization, and eventually, it will be governed by a DAO consisting of $TWST token holders and on-chain and off-chain governance structures. The founding team will bootstrap the initial release of Twister Finance.

The protocol governance structure will enable $TWST token holders to vote on critical decisions that will impact the protocol's future. Examples of parameters that could be voted on include interest rate models, adding assets that meet the risk requirements of the protocol, risk parameters for overcollateralization and liquidation, changes to reward and incentive programs, improvements to the protocol, such as changes to smart contracts and governance processes.

The governance process will ensure that the community's voice is heard and that the protocol remains secure, efficient, and responsive to market demands. The DAO governance model will enable active participation and promote long-term community engagement. The Twister Finance protocol will evolve over time through the collective decision-making process, ensuring its continued success and growth.

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