Why Twister Finance

Twister Finance, is dedicated to unlocking the value of underutilized and capital inefficient assets in the artbitrum ecosystem. Our initial focus will be on supporting GLP(GMX) and VLP(Vela Exchange) as collateral, with the aim of creating a more efficient and user-friendly experience than what currently exists.

As a community-driven organization, we believe in creating a safe and inclusive space where individuals with a passion for Defi can share their ideas, interests, and engage in meaningful discussions. Our Discord and Telegram channels are more than just forums for discussing our protocol - they are places where users can connect, have fun, and build relationships with like-minded individuals to grow the protocol.

Our founders, who prefer to remain pseudonymous, bring a wealth of professional experience and ethical integrity to the organization. With their expertise and commitment to our mission, we are confident in our ability to drive positive change and create value for our users.

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