Initial Farm Offering

Ways to get the $esTWST airdrop

Users participating in lending, borrowing and looping will receive Airdrop rewards as a token of their engagement. These rewards are correlated to the points earned dependent on the allocation of tokens to each asset. Each acquired point corresponds to a specific quantity of $TWST tokens distributed as part of the airdrop. Users have multiple avenues to accumulate points:

1. Lending to specific assets (USDC, USDT, DAI, VLP, HLP and GMX V2 liquidity)

2. Borrow specific assets (USDC, USDT and DAI)

3. Loop (GLP, VLP, GMX V2 and HLP)

The volume of total airdrop rewards is directly linked to the total points amassed, underlining the principle that more points translate to greater airdrop benefits.

Points are tracked in Twister Finance’s backend and are not tracked on-chain, thus it is not tradeable between users.

Total $TWST allocated for Airdrop

The total airdrop will be calculated based on your total volume deposited or borrowed per pool.

The total airdrop will be 1,000,000 $TWST tokens (equivalent to 10% of the total supply) the loyal supporters will be rewarded with lucrative airdrop rewards.

The airdrop will occur evenely through the 3-month initial farm offering. After which users can either stake their $TWST for rewards o.

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